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LotR/Hobbit Fen Moot
Date Updated: 09/03/2008

LJ Name: estelanui ( also GJ, IJ and FJ journals)

Preferred Nickname/Name: Estelanui or Francesca (Estelanui means in Sindarin ‘hope forever’)

Are you over or under 18? Over, a lot! Elton John was singing ‘Crocodile Rock’ when I was 18 year old.

In the fandom for how many months/years? Since 1978 when I have read LOTR for the first time, but I discovered LJ fandom only in 2004.

Love the books?: YES, Precioussss! All the Professor’s books, LOTR, The Hobbit, Silmarillion, included HOME and more.

If so, how many times have you read them? LOTR more than ten times, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion four times, I didn’t read yet all HOME books.

Love the movies?: I love all three of them!!! I like how PJ & Co. have translated Tolkien’s message and flavour from written language in visual one, beside they are almost technically perfect movies.

If so, how many times have you seen them? If it’s possible to eat into a DVD for too many runs, my LOTR-EE are for sure worn-out.

Favorite peoples of Middle-earth, and why: Hobbits! Because I’m a hobbit in the heart. I could merge in the Shire without problem and without changing a lot my life habits. I have also natural curly hair (alas, not on my feet). :)

Favorite characters, and why: Frodo! But I have to add immediately after Bilbo. I’m fond of the two Baggins because they are different in character but both are independent souls in search of their real oneself. They are true hobbits of the Shire, but can walk alone along new trails, dealing with new experiences and people. They love to expand their soul lets them experience the fear, their inadequacy, many losses and apparent failure. They are two modern archetypes of the growing person in his adult age, I think this is one of the reason of the worldwide success of Lotr. Together with the Baggins I’m fond also of Merry for his brave soul and strong character, of Pippin for his joie de vivre and spirit, and of Sam who embodies the nature or the true friendship.

Favorite (or favourite) actors, and why: Elijah Wood because, not considering his cuteness, I think he is a damn good actor. I hope he will have in the future the possibility to play interesting roles and to show his whole skill. There are so few male actors that can use every single muscle of his face to convey their play!

Read FP (fictional person) fanfic? yes, oh yes!

If yes, what genre? I read every genre: slash because usually is clever and high-spirited, gen because is deep and moving, het because is lovely and romantic. I love complex story, but also short piercing fics. I love the story with humour inside, and the more wild fantasy there is, the better. But most at all I feel a great consideration for all the fellow fans who write and share their skill. Thank you!

If het or slash, what pairing(s) and why? My OTP is Frodo/everyone! I have to explain why? Beside I have a very soft spot for hobbit piles.
If I have to be more specific the two pairings I read more are Frodo/Sam, and Frodo/Merry. The character synergy is very different but both catching and good for me. But there are so many characterisations of Lotr fandom that I may love a pairing in an author and dislike the same pairing in another. My Frodo has a very strong nature, sweet and resolute in the same time.

Read RP (real person) fanfic? I read very few RP fics,

If yes, what genre? Every genre but in very small amount.

If het or slash, what pairing(s) and why? N/A

Write FP (fictional person) fanfic? I tried very few small things. Writing, alas, isn’t my cup of tea.

If yes, what genre? gen and slash

If het or slash, what pairing(s)? Frodo/Elrond, Bilbo/Elrond :)

Write RP (real person) fanfic? nope

If yes, what genre? N/A

If het or slash, what pairing(s)? N/A

Have a website/fic journal/place you put your stories? If so, where? N/A

Enjoy fanart? yes

Create fanart? no

If so, do you take commissions? N/A

What LotR-related journal communities do you belong to, if any? _kalimac_, bagginsbirthday, elijah_con_2006, elijah_finds, fandom_counts, hobbit_holidays, hobbitwish, lordoftherings, lories_friends, lotr_fanfiction, lotr_fen_moot, lotr_fic_recs, lotrpiccaptions, madbagginses, metafandom, mews_xpressions, middleearthnews, paidmembers, read_lotr_aloud, read_lotr_group, readthebook, frodo_sam, shire_kitchen, the_last_ship, toilanddrouble, tooktalk, wee_hobbits

What other Tolkien online activities do you participate in, if any? I’m one of the middleearthnew co-mods and this community

How do you participate in fandom?: I read fanfic, I comment and rec according to my little spare time, and I collect fiction, fandom and movie news for middleearthnew

What should we expect of your journal? Not so much posts per month. Few personal news because I like to separate RL and Fandom. Lot of pics because I’m a visual person and this language is easy to use. Often my post are fl-loked because I’m a shy person and I prefer to ‘torment’ only my flist.

Tell us anything else about yourself that you feel might be of interest or be a common interest or connection point with another fan I love to know new ‘things’ and new activities: I’m an explorer within, the unknown is both a dare and a joy for me.
I have devoted long years to my professional career developing my brain and logic skill. Then I chose to look after my elderly ill parents; ten years of caring and nursing proved my motherly nature. Now I’m at the beginning of a new part of my life in which I hope to grow, to help people around and enjoy myself.

Where am I? Italy

Who am I? A new Old Crone

What else do I do besides LotR? I work and commute a lot. I enjoy cross-stitch and Tiffany glass. I’m a tireless reader of everything is made of paper with printed words, especially if the author is a Professor or the subject is analytical psychology or Fantasy/Science Fiction.

My favorite quote "All that is gold does not glitter, / Not all those who wander are lost; / The old that is strong does not wither, / Deep roots are not reached by the frost." LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 1, Chapter 10.

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elanorgardner From: elanorgardner Date: September 8th, 2008 01:04 am (UTC) (Link)
This is great!!! So, how difficult was it to complete? What can we cut out, do you think? Do you still feel the community is a good idea?
estelanui From: estelanui Date: September 8th, 2008 06:22 am (UTC) (Link)
It wasn't difficult, but I'm slow in filling form. :)

I think the profile is comprehensive: one can be concise or lengthy of one's choice.
The 'data-base' part of the community seems very well done, but there are very small adjustments to do. Did you get my mail in Wednesday about Tags?

The community *IS* definitely a good idea!
I'm rethinking about the Sept. 22th start. That day will be full of posts for the Mathom Exchange, fics and picss for the occasion, etc. Maybe this isn't the right day to have the right attention to present the community. What do you think of the next week (or days) when the number pf post will be far less?
elanorgardner From: elanorgardner Date: September 8th, 2008 07:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, heck. I got to the part about your trip and missed the rest completely! Point taken. I can't keep you guys who are listed as Maintainers from adding tags accidentally, but the users won't be able to. I fixed the template so there should be no confusion.

Point taken about the data as well. At this point, I haven't heard from Eden or Emilia anyway, so a 22nd start would be difficult to pull off.

Thanks love!
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