A LONG-EXPECTED PARTY (for mod review) - Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Fans Meet & Greet Community
LotR/Hobbit Fen Moot
A LONG-EXPECTED PARTY (for mod review)
The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit (actually the Middle-earth) fandom needs a party. The fandom is likely to suddenly start growing again with the production of the Hobbit movies. Old fans will be are trying to stay connected with those who remain and new fans will be looking for friends and communities to join. Sooooooo...

So, the middleearthnews mods came up with an idea for a community where LotR, Hobbit, (and all Middle-earth fans) can come and meet and greet and find other fans with similar interests. In addition, communities can post and explain their purpose and process. Basically, a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Fen Moot! And thus, lotr_fen_moot was born.

It is very easy to participate in the moot. All you have to do is come join the community (click the banner above and then click on "To join this community, click here."), complete a "Fan Profile", and post it in the community. The "Fan Profile" is detailed, and you may need to come back later to flesh yours out further and add information, but you can start out simple and go from there. In addition, if you mod any communities, you (or another mod) can also complete a "Community Profile" for your community or communities. Then, using all the many tags we have available, you can search for other fans with similar interests or communities that you might want to join. (And you can update your profile any time you want to, and as often as you like!)

From time to time, we will have special comment parties (or moots) with a theme where you can come and have fun in the comments getting to know other fans, but mostly, the community will be available for new and old fans to explore and find new fan-friends.

The moderators have already created their own fan profiles and community profiles in the community as samples for you to review here. So come on over and MOOT!!!!
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