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Date Updated: 31 August 2008

Community LJ Name: hobbit_smut aka Hobbit Smut Fan Fiction Community

Community Born On Date: 27 April 2004 (Hobbit Smut is now inactive, but provides an archive to a wide array of excellent fic by some of the best writers of hobbit stories in the fandom.)

Community Purpose: While the community was active, we provided our member authors with challenges to write fanfic based on a certain theme or prompt within a certain timeframe. Of course, with a name like Hobbit Smut, the community was an adult community about hobbits in adult situations, doing adult things, saying adult words, and using adult body parts.

Challenges included both interhobbit and interspecies (one species had to be hobbit, of course), het and slash, but only FPS, not RPS. Challenges focused on hobbit smut, but we did wander into dark fic and other fun stuff (i.e. excellently written fics were our goal, not specific sexual acts on page x).

Community Process: Our author members were presented with a post detailing the challenge and asked to write a story to that challenge. Our community friends got a chance to read and comment on those stories.

Adults Only? Yes.

Limited or Open Membership? Membership was limited, by invitation. But anyone could friend the community.

Community Moderators/Maintainers: Currently elanorgardner is the maintainer, but when the community was active, abbynormal was co-mod and we had a group of advisors, including willow_wode, shadowfax8, and conniemarie.

Tell us anything else about the community that you feel might be of interest to the fandom or potential members: As I said above, hobbit_smut is now inactive, however, all the stories are still available for your reading pleasure, both on the community (see the links and tags on our home page here) and in an ljarchive (available here).

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