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Date Updated: 31 August 2008

LJ Name: elanorgardner in LiveJournal, elanor_gardner in Insane Journal

Preferred Nickname/Name: Elanor or EG

Are you over or under 18? Over 18 (on the outside, on the inside I am 16)

In the fandom for how many months/years? Since 1968 when I read the books, but I only found the online fandom in 2001

Love the books?: Absolutely!!! Both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I have attempted The Silmarillion, but I think that is another book for another day. I tend to browse through HoME for fun.

If so, how many times have you read them? Gah! Let me think, more than a dozen for LotR, two or three times for The Hobbit.

Love the movies?: Absolutely!!! (I will update this when I see The Hobbit.

If so, how many times have you seen them? Gah!!! Once again, I have no idea. FotR – 50 or so, TTT – 30 or so, RotK – 100 or more (can you tell which one is my favorite?)

Favorite (or favourite) peoples of Middle-earth, and why: Hobbitses!!!! Because of their love for life and for each other, their endurance and unquenchable hope, their wit and sense of humor, and their sturdy souls.

Favorite (or favourite) characters, and why: Frodo Baggins – because he is the bestest of all hobbitses, the bravest of heroes, the truest of friends, and the best of cousins; Bilbo Baggins – because he is a delightful old scamp, a loving uncle and cousin, and he started it all; Sam Gamgee – because he is unfailing true to himself and his friends, as brave and sturdy as an oak planted firmly in the soil, and he loves his Mr Frodo; Merry Brandybuck – because he is the very best cousin, an excellent conspirator, a temperamental Brandybuck, and he stabbed the Witch King; Pippin Took – because he is so young yet so brave, so bouncy and resilient, a truly loyal cousin, and a eternally cheerful soul.

Favorite (or favourite) actors, and why: Elijah Wood – because he is so very talented that he made us see Frodo and not Elijah every single moment that he was on screen; Dom Monaghan – because he is such a tease and a flirt and a delightful scamp; Orlando Bloom – because he is just so very . . . pretty.

Read FP (fictional person) fanfic? Oh yes!

If yes, what genre? Every genre – slash, het, gen. I haven’t seen many het fics that I really like, but I have found a few authors who have managed to enthrall me. I love happy endings and therefore tend to avoid deathfics, but I will read a well written story no matter what the genre.

If het or slash, what pairing(s) and why? I will read any pairing, again, if the story is well-written. But my favorites are Frodo/Sam and Frodo/Merry and Frodo/Pippin.

Read RP (real person) fanfic? Oh yes!

If yes, what genre? Every genre – slash, het, gen. Again, I haven’t seen many het fics at all in the RP world so I don’t have much to go by. I have a couple of squicks – I won’t read anything involving pedophilia and I don’t generally like fics that involve adultery or a relationship causing a divorce, especially where children are involved.

If het or slash, what pairing(s) and why? I will read any pairing that doesn’t hit one of my squicks, if the story is well-written. But my favorites are Elijah/Orlando and Elijah/Dom.

Write FP (fictional person) fanfic? Yes.

If yes, what genre? So far? Slash and gen.

If het or slash, what pairing(s)? So far I have written Frodo/Sam and Frodo/Merry. My gen is Frodo-centric as well.

Write RP (real person) fanfic? Not yet!

If yes, what genre? N/A

If het or slash, what pairing(s)? N/A

Have a website/fic journal/place you put your stories? If so, where? The Green Door

Enjoy fanart? Oh yes!! I wish there were more good Lord of the Rings fanart, but we have some really good artists in our midst.

Create fanart? Don't I wish, but no.

If so, do you take commissions? N/A

What LotR or Hobbit-related journal communities do you belong to, if any? Oh lord, this list is too long and some of the comms have gone quiet of late, but here goes! (Does not include individual's "fic posting comms".) _kalimac, athelingas, bilbos_study, elijah_finds, faramir_fics, fillingcorners, frodochallenges, hobbit_art, hobbit_holidays, hobbit_smut, hobbits100, hobbitwish, interspecies, lordoftherings, lories_friends, lotr_directory, lotr_eclectic, lotr_fic_recs,lotr_news, lotr_sesa, lotrart, lotrgreendragon, lotricons, lotrip_all_fic, lotrips, lotrips_finders, lotrips_news, lotrips_recs, lotrpiccaptions, middleearthnews, orlijah_month, orlijahconclave, read_lotr_group, frodo_sam, shire_kitchen, shirefolk, sons_of_gondor, the_hobbitpile, tig_meh, tooktalk, waymeet, wee_hobbits, wee_tolkien, and woodlust. WHEW!!

What other Tolkien online activities do you participate in, if any? None, actually. I was previously pretty active in some Yahoo groups, but I decided LJ (and IJ) were my fandom playgrounds of choice.

How do you participate in fandom?: I mod communities, including this one. I write fanfic. I read fanfic (when RL and my writing allow). And I follow the latest news on upcoming movie, book or music releases related to LotR.

What should we expect of your journal(s)? Not much. When I have a story ready, I post links on my LJ to my website. When I manage to find an artist who has the time and I scrape up the money, I sometimes commission art for my fics and post links as well. When the steam builds, I tend to post political "rants". Very rarely I post about the RomL (Rest of my Life), just to explain absences and so on. And sometimes I ramble about various things. But generally, I am all about the fic.

Tell us anything else about yourself that you feel might be of interest or be a common interest or connection point with another fan

Where am I? I try to keep the RomL and my fandom life separate, for various reasons which I cannot explain here, so I can't provide my geographic location, but for those who can do so, this is a great place to connect!

Who am I? Hmmmm. I am grandmother to a lovely 5 year old future LotR fan and current paleontologist! I was lucky enough to have been happily married to a wonderful, gorgeous, and very romantic Italian fellow for nearly 20 years. I care for my elderly mother who lives with me. I garden. I feed the birds and squirrels. I belly dance and I do tribal dance. I am a sucker for good music, especially movie music. And I live to write and to read good fic written by other wonderful writers.

What else do I like besides LotR/Hobbit? I love to read anything Lois Bujold writes. I love a good romance novel (and there are very few of those around these days!) I am an old Star Trek, Star Wars, Man from UNCLE, Here Come the Brides, Simon & Simon, and Narnia fan. I am a new Star Gate SG-1, Star Gate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Smallville, Dexter, Sookie Sackhouse, Bones, and Vorkosigan fan.

My favorite quote "...there's more tales to tell..." - Samwise, Return of the King

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